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VA roles needed.

2012-04-06 09:11:30 by killahstick

I'll immortalize this link on the internet so I don't forget about the discuusion!

hey guys I'll type in the va's i need here.
i'll type them in the forums too since i don't have a strong following.
i'll also look through the audio section for hours to look for someone who's willing to sign up as a voice actor.

Character - Voice
Leon - male; 12 - 14 year old
Arche - female; 11 - 14 year old
Jack - male; smooth adult voice
Bob - male; deep and cocky voice (ex. MR. T!)
Soldier 1 - male; any adult voice
Soldier 2 - male; hill billy accent
Master Chief - male; uh, Master Chief voice?

That's all the VA's I need if you're interested in any of the parts just type in the link to your voice demo

HIGH SCHOOL!/ VA's needed...

2012-04-02 10:37:02 by killahstick

Yes I'm gonna be in high school after summer vacation! I graduated a week ago so yeah, epic!
On the downside I still need VA's for every role except for the narrator, I already got someone who'll take care of that.

I'll type in the VA roles I still need at a later time.

HIGH SCHOOL!/ VA's needed...

New kick butt poster!/ Progress on the animation.

2012-03-14 06:37:04 by killahstick

This promotional poster has submitted to the arts section. And yes that spartan is master chief.
As for my progress on the animation, everything has been going on at a snail's pace without my best bud's help.
However his final examination's will end at the same time my final examinations do. So that should speed things up a bit.

New kick butt poster!/ Progress on the animation.


2011-08-20 03:54:52 by killahstick

My cousin found an animation we did a few years back and thats waht we're going to submit.
It was made with pivot.
I put a sample scene below.


Hey guys I'm gunna start VOICE ACTING!
I'll also submit more art, an animation, music and random crap!
I'm also gunna submit an animation in a while!

bad news

2011-06-05 01:19:12 by killahstick

my flash movie was deleted accidently,my mic broke down,summer's almost over and i lost my cracking tool for macromedia!
i guess i'll just add a link for my most succesful video on youtube...
it onlly has 94 views because i ain't famous on youtube.

Still making it

2011-02-18 07:20:40 by killahstick

i'm getting annoyed this movie is taking forever

Making Movie

2010-11-01 04:35:05 by killahstick

Making a Movie which may appear this December or January 2011